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Grinder Pump Problems??

If your grinder pump alarms goes off you will need to call for assistance. Monroe Township has a contract with Jeffrey Wilbur Plumbing and Heating to come out and look at the pump. If the pump needs to be pulled the township provides a loaner pump for up to 21 days. The homeowner is responsible for the cost of repairing the pump and the reinstallation fee.  Repairs can be handled through the township with Site Specific Design or you can have your own repairs completed.

Jeffrey Wilbur Plumbing emergency phone # for grinder pump alarms - 717-487-2809

Common Sense Rules for Sewer & Septic Systems

Residents on public sewers are reminded to only dispose of toilet paper into sewer systems.
Do not dispose:

  • Rags, towels, cleaning clothes or wipes
  • Disposable diapers
  • Paper towels, napkins
  • Feminine paper products
  • Oil, grease
  • Paint, solvents
  • More can be found under Prohibited Wastes.

The above items disposed of into sinks or toilets create maintenance problems for sewer and septic system. Maintenance problems translate to increased costs and ultimately increased user fees. These products must be disposed of properly through domestic trash or an appropriate recycling center.
With regard to public sewer systems, Monroe Township Ordinance #3 of 1978, Article VII, Section 703. F, states that a “Prohibited Wastes” is described in part as: “Any ashes, cinders, sand, mud, straw, shavings, metal, glass, rags, bones, feathers, tar, cotton, wool, plastics, or other fibers, wood, paunch manure, butchers offal, or any other solid or viscous substance which shall be capable of causing obstruction to the flow in any Sewer or interference with the proper operation of the Sewer System or the Sewage Treatment Plant.”

Monroe Township Municipal Authortiy

Kevin Miller, Chairman
Appointed: 2020 / Term 5 Years

Suzanne Sunday, Vice Chairperson

Appointed: 2016 / Term: 5 Years

William Beck, Treasurer

Appointed: 2018 / Term: 5 Years

Andrew Clancy, Secretary, 

Appointed: 2019 / Term: 5 Years


Appointed: 2017 / Term 5 Years

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